2 Birds Shuttle And Detail

2705 Detroit Ave. , Cleveland, OH 44103
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Car Drop-off Date & Time
06/25/2017 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
06/30/2017 12:00 PM
Parking Period
5 Days

Overall Rating
4.5 Based on 14 ( reviews )

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2 Birds Shuttle And Detail


D. L. Chomo

June 22, 2017

Very pleased with the service and would use again and recommend to others. Pricing beats airport parking by a longshot. But most importantly, communication was good and Russell was there on time for pickup in both directions.

Kay Lenear

June 19, 2017

Service was great and the price was a savings.

Dawn Jackson

June 12, 2017

My initial contact was great. I called when I was headed to the lot. The guy called me back a few minutes later. He was at the lot waiting when we arrived. (Although it took me a little longer than I said because we got lost). The reason I gave the service a 3.5, is because I called 4 times and left messages trying to arrange pick up once we landed. After an hour, we called a 5th time and someone picked up. I guess he could tell from my conversation that I already called. He asked if this was the first time that I called. I explained that I called several times, but he said he didn't get any of the messages. He was there within 20 min. We were tired and ready to go home, but I'm glad this didn't happen on the way to the airport...we could have possibly missed our flight! The one thing I didn't like is that you have to call to arrange pick up. The other lots that I've used, have people at the lot 24/7. As soon as we pull in, they drive over to our car. On the way home, we just go to the pick up spot and someone is there shortly. Book2park: due to the lot's distance to the airport it is necessary to arrange special shuttle drives to ensure shuttle is more efficient. We will pass this review on to the management at location to ensure communication with customers is improved.

William Saltsman

June 02, 2017

Very good parking experience. Cost was good value and service on day of departure as well as on return was excellent. Called immediately when plane first landed as I was instructed however, delays in customs at the Cleveland Airport caused our shuttle driver to have to wait on us to arrive at the pick up point but wait he did. Very pleased with 2 Birds service and we will be using their service again in Mid-July for another trip we have scheduled.

Tammie Boulton

May 24, 2017

Anthony was more than accommodating . I appreciated that while we were in a bind with changes at the airport, he waited with us and returned in the early a.m. To accommodated us with our new plans .

Rebecca Cleveland

May 19, 2017

I would use them again. Polite, good manners, drove well.

S Shackle

January 30, 2017

Used the parking/shuttle to the airport. Great service all the way around. Very reasonable price. We would most definitely use their services again. Thanks

Alyssa Leach

November 30, 2016

Very speedy shuttles, very understanding with any delays

Alyssa Leach

November 30, 2016

Very speedy shuttles, very understanding with any delays

Sheila Horowitz

November 03, 2016

I was VERY pleased with the friendly and efficient service both coming and going to the airport. I would definitely use this shuttle again!

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