Holiday Inn Express Austin Airport

7601 E Ben White Blvd , Austin, TX 78741
4.8 66 Reviews    325 Views
Car Drop-off Date & Time
06/22/2017 12:00 PM
Car Pick-up Date & Time
06/26/2017 12:00 PM
Parking Period
4 Days

Overall Rating
4.8 Based on 66 ( reviews )

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Holiday Inn Express Austin Airport



June 08, 2017

Great service and appreciate you offer alternatives to high price airport parking. Challenge with hotel not having a driver onsite when we arrived for an early flight, but they compensated by paying for a taxi to transport us.

Renee Houston

June 08, 2017

Thanks to book2park for recommending parking options from cheapest and closest to most expensive and farthest. We chose the Holiday Inn Express 2.7 miles from the airport. We paid less than $90 for eight days, and the staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. They made a special trip to take us to the airport, even though the shuttle usually runs on a schedule. They pulled up to our vehicle and loaded our bags. The driver gave us instructions on how to get to our terminal and what to do when we returned. Upon arrival back in Austin, we called them and were picked up less than ten minutes later. Every member of the staff was friendly and helpful. (Well, the driver on our return trip wasn't exactly friendly, but he wasn't unpleasant and he got the job done. We didn't mind since everyone else we dealt with went above and beyond. Plus we were exhausted from or trip and weren't feeling chatty anyway.)

Sam B

May 30, 2017

Really easy process and had a coupon for it. I'd use again and recommend.

William Weaver

May 26, 2017

The checkin was fine but pick up was way slow. The driver had just left for the other terminal that recently opened and I had to sit and wait for 30mins. Waiting with my luggage outside for 30 mins in Texas heat is too long. 15mins is fine. 20 is a little long but i would return as a customer. I will try other options at AUS for parking. For shuttle speed, Please be clear if you are asking about how fast they went (mph)or how quickly it picked us up. Obviously I assumed picking us up. Their speed was fine.

Jarrett Weiss

May 22, 2017

Only problem was that upon arrival we were informed that the front lot was full. We had to park behind the building which seemed less secure.

Josiah Eubank

May 20, 2017

Great option for flights out of Austin. Park in a reserved spot and let them know the number when you check with the front desk.


May 04, 2017

The service is great and very affordable.

Guy Drobny

May 01, 2017

Excellent service, super friendly staff.

Marie Joelle Dan

April 26, 2017

Really great service - always available

Daniel Hammer

April 18, 2017

Great service, easy transition to and from airport, better than paying airport parking rates.

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